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Shri for We.


Stronger, Smarter Michigan.

Today, those in Lansing tell us that giving taxpayer money to big corporations will magically improve the lives of ordinary Michiganders.

We know this doesn’t work.

What we need is a Michigan that provides high-paying jobs, gives a helping hand to small businesses and creates a culture of startups and entrepreneurship.

We need to build an economy that works for all of us and not just the wealthiest among us. To do this, we need to end non-productive, corporate welfare and invest in human capital, creating jobs and supporting small businesses.

Together, we will bring a new governing culture to Lansing. We will require ethics and transparency and fight back against the influence of billionaires. We end the pay-to-play era in Lansing.

We will create a stronger Michigan.


Our educational system has shown a steady decline in recent years while charter schools have seen a dramatic expansion. I understand how important it will be to make public education a priority again.

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Over the past two decades, Lansing politicians have failed to maintain our state’s infrastructure. I will offer solutions that will keep our citizens safe, revitalize our economy, and save money in the future.

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I am not a career politician, so I have a unique view when it comes to transparency, lobbying, and reform. As governor, I will strive to put the people back in charge of their government, as it was meant to be.

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I am the only candidate in this race who knows what it’s like to go hungry, and I am the only candidate in this race who has created a single job. As governor, I will use my insight and personal experience to grow Michigan’s economy.

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I love the beauty of this state and recognize the role it plays in both our economy and our quality of life. I will work to protect not only our famous lakes, but also our rivers, forests, and our cities.

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Most Michiganders are still paying too much for their health insurance. We must invest in prevention activities that address health issues proactively.

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Every American should have equal rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I believe discrimination in any form for any reason is morally wrong. I stand with people who face daily opposition simply to achieve the equal rights they deserve as Americans.

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Everyone has a right to be safe and secure in their communities, neighborhoods, and homes. We need to focus on prevention, protection and rehabilitation.

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I am a progressive Democrat but I won’t be afraid to listen to good advice just because it comes from someone in another party. I am also a scientist and I know that to serve the needs of all the people of Michigan, we need to partner with all interested parties to arrive at common-sense, cost-effective solutions for Michigan’s most common problems.

Issues such as clean water, quality education, and an economy that supports small businesses will be my top priorities.

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Shri Thanedar Releases ‘My S***hole Story’

First-generation Indian immigrant, entrepreneur and progressive candidate for governor Shri Thanedar released an in-depth video today detailing his path to the ‘American Dream.’ The four minute biography highlights Thanedar’s immigration story and reasoning behind running for Governor.


Thanedar set to air Super Bowl TV, radio ads

Democratic hopeful Shri Thanedar is buying Super Bowl advertisements in Michigan’s four major markets in an effort to boost his profile as he runs for governor. The Ann Arbor businessman and self-made millionaire said he’s pouring his wealth into the campaign because he’s “passionate about changing the culture in Lansing.”


Michigan’s Big Show

Shri and Michigan Big Show host, Michael Patrick Shiels, chat about the campaigns latest television ad, ‘Fighter’ and future television advertising plans for 2018.

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Shri joined Union Members Radio hosts to talk about his comeback story and inspiration behind the campaign’s latest television ad, ‘Fighter.’

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Shri Thanedar Releases Second Television Ad

First-generation immigrant and democratic candidate for governor Shri Thanedar announced today that his campaign’s second television ad, titled “Fighter”, will launch on Thursday, Jan. 4. The ad is narrated by Thanedar’s youngest son, Samir, and highlights Shri’s life story of grit, resilience and overcoming adversity.