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Democrat Shri Thanedar Files with $5.2 Million Cash On Hand

Campaign Intends To Use Cash Advantage To Make Voters Aware Of His Progressive Platform

ANN ARBOR, MI – Today, Scientist, Entrepreneur, and Democratic Candidate for Governor Shri Thanedar filed his latest Campaign Finance Report, showing the campaign ended 2017 with more than $5.2 million available cash-on-hand.

This impressive total gives Thanedar a substantial advantage in resources over his primary opponents as his campaign works tirelessly to communicate with voters his progressive agenda, his life-story of grit and perseverance to make the election competitive. Thanedar’s campaign also has kept costs low, which has allowed it to convey Shri’s unique personal narrative to voters more directly.

Thanedar still holds the fundraising lead among all Democrats and Republicans running in the race to become Michigan’s next Governor.

“We continue to invest in our communications and fundraising strategies to develop new sources of campaign revenue, while using our cash flow advantage to continue an aggressive media plan, which includes buying time during this weekend’s Super Bowl,” Thanedar said. “It’s very exciting to see our headquarters begin to overflow as members of our field team and volunteers work toward victory in August.”

The latest polls in the Detroit News and WDIV-4 in Detroit show Thanedar within the margin of error against all candidates currently campaigning, which means anyone can win the race at this point in time, if they are committed to stockpiling resources and developing a good communications plan.

“I intend to spend what it takes to win this election in August, which means working hard to close the gap with the frontrunner,” Thanedar said. “In the weeks to come, voters will see the race narrow and realize that our progressive campaign is the best choice for real Michigan citizens, not corporations and Wall Street interests. I believe primary voters want something different – and my background as an ultra-progressive entrepreneur unbeholden to special interests like other establishment candidates competing in the race makes me uniquely qualified to win in November.”

Official reports are available from the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office. For more information about Shri’s plans for Michigan, visit