Women’s Issues Release

Women’s Issues Release 2018-02-21T17:53:34+00:00

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Shri Thanedar Unveils Comprehensive Women’s Issues Platform

Thanedar Said Issues Facing Michigan Women Will No Longer Take A Backseat, Equal Pay, Domestic Abuse Registry, Paid Family Leave, Among Others

Michigan Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Shri Thanedar today said – when elected – that he will ensure the state leads the nation in empowering and women and addressing the issues they face today.

“For too long, the challenges Michigan women face on a daily basis have been ignored by leaders in the legislative majority, and when elected Governor, I will ensure Michigan is a safe haven for all people, especially women,” Thanedar said. “I want to create a progressive climate in which women are not objectified, but instead are truly empowered to live their lives the way they choose, without interference from others.”

Among the highlights, Thanedar’s platform proposes several new programs that begin to comprehensively address challenges Michigan women face every day.  Those programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Affordable and universal child care options for families, regardless of income level;
  • An executive order that will demand equal pay for women who work in state government, public schools, or municipalities.
  • Legislation to demand equal pay for women in all employment sectors;
  • Paid family leave for both men and women;
  • New laws that require colleges, universities and other public entities to turn over sexual assault investigations to local police, not campus based law enforcement;
  • Creating a statewide domestic abuser registry for individuals convicted of domestic abuse and taking away their rights to own firearms forever;
  • Incentivizing Michigan research institutions to focus resources on combatting diseases that disproportionally affect women, such as breast, ovarian, and uterine cancer;
  • Creating – in concert with the Michigan Department of Education, its Great Start program, and other experts – an innovative child care solution incubator so Michigan can lead the way in this important area;
  • Incentivizing young girls and women to enter careers that focus on science, engineering, technology, and mathematics (STEM);
  • Creating a program designed specifically to crack down and eliminate online and revenge abuse for women;
  • Requiring the MEDC and other state programs, in partnership with the Small Business Association of Michigan, to offer business incentives for women and minority entrepreneurs.

Thanedar has stated he will build the most diverse cabinet in the history of Michigan, and has pledged to appoint women to at least 50 percent of all senior posts in state government.

“Women will not be an afterthought in my administration,” Thanedar said. “When women are empowered, they will lead our state in a better direction in which equality and fairness are the rule, not the exception.”

For more information about Shri’s plans for Michigan, visit www.Shri2018.com.