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Quality Education for All Students

As your next Governor, I will work to make our educational system world class. As an entrepreneur, I know that businesses invest in communities where people have the education and skills they need to be successful. As a husband and parent, I believe that communities thrive when the local public schools are strong. And as a Michigander, I won’t rest until every child has equal access to a quality public education as guaranteed by our state’s constitution.

Our educational system has shown a steady decline in recent years because Lansing politicians have cut funding. Meanwhile, charter schools have seen a dramatic expansion, siphoning funds from public schools without improving education quality. I understand how important it will be to make public education funding a priority again.

On K-12 education, I believe we must:

  • Invest more resources across the K-12 education system – addressing funding and infrastructure issues once and for all.
  • Attract, recruit, and retain the best educators in the nation by paying them like the professionals they are and treating them with respect.
  • Expand vocational education and job training and retraining.
  • Hold charter schools accountable to the same high standards as public schools, both fiscally and academically.
  • Eliminate for-profit charter schools. Per-pupil funding should not be used to pad the bank accounts of education profiteers like the DeVos family.
  • Change the way we fund our schools so at-risk kids receive the resources they need to succeed.

On higher education, I will work to:

  • Create a tuition incentive formula for Michigan college students that allows them to reduce their debt if they stay in Michigan, and eliminate their debt if they stay and create jobs.
  • Reprioritize funding for Michigan’s community colleges, public colleges and universities, to counter years of disinvestment by Lansing politicians, in order to reduce college costs for all students.