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Infrastructure: Build a Stronger Michigan for All

Over the past two decades, Lansing politicians have failed to maintain our state’s infrastructure, and by the governor’s own estimate we are now $60 billion in the hole. Our crumbling roads and bridges place our residents in daily danger, and in the long term they harm our state’s ability to attract and retain new businesses. Many of our water systems need upgrading to prevent lead and other toxins from poisoning children and families. Our aging sewer systems pollute our inland lakes, and sinkholes endanger citizens.

If our aging Soo Locks fail, the consequences to our state’s economy would be disastrous.

The longer these problems are ignored, the higher the price to our people and our economy. In the coming weeks, I will begin a serious dialogue with the people of Michigan about what we are willing to accept and what kind of state we want to be.

My experience as a scientist and small businessman makes me uniquely qualified to identify problems and offer solutions that will keep our citizens safe, revitalize our economy, and save money in the future.

To improve our infrastructure, I will work to:

  • Put a $1 billion bond issue for infrastructure on the ballot, so voters can make their voices heard.
  • Finally address the state’s revenue sharing obligations to local municipalities.
  • Pursue a combination of preservation and repair solutions for long-lasting roads.
  • Create a legacy initiative focused on the removal of lead lines from municipal drinking water systems across Michigan, so a crisis like Flint never happens again.
  • Fix the sewer and stormwater issues that are causing record beach closures throughout the state.
  • Secure funding to build a new Soo lock, through a mix of federal, state and private investment dollars.
  • Support construction of the Gordie Howe Bridge.