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Fair and Compassionate Immigration Reform

I am a proud first-generation Indian immigrant. I came to this country with 20 dollars in my pocket and a dream. Nowhere else did I have access to the resources and opportunities I needed to achieve success. I am forever grateful to this country, and the state of Michigan, for giving me a chance. I believe everybody deserves a shot at the American Dream, and as your governor, I will work to make sure immigrants have that same opportunity.

“We are a country of immigrants. Michigan is great because of our cultural diversities and we should be proud. ”

To ensure Michigan is fair and compassionate toward legal immigrants, I will:

  • Supports legislation that vehemently protects DREAMers.
  • Ensure Michigan’s borders remain secure, while respecting local communities.
  • Call on Washington to provide an additional 50,000 employment-based visas for entrepreneurs and individuals skilled in STEM.
  • Push for Michigan to become a “Sanctuary State”

Immigrants and DREAMers alike make tremendous contributions to Michigan’s economy by nurturing the agriculture, starting businesses and hiring locally, and working STEM jobs. Over the last decade, immigrants created one-third of the high-tech businesses in our state, at a rate six times the rest of the population.

I will fight for a fair and compassionate immigration policy in Michigan; one that does not throw millions of men, women and children – many of whom have lived here for years – out of the country.