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Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

Far too many people – especially persons of color disproportionately – are rotting away in Michigan prisons and jails from historical marijuana offenses, activity that would be allowable if the citizens of this state vote to legalize marijuana in the fall. Those who want to keep marijuana illegal in Michigan are on the wrong side of history.

“We can cut back on overcrowding in prisons and life-altering felony charges by legalizing marijuana.”

For the legalization of marijuana, I will:

  • Tax and regulate marijuana similarly to alcohol to increase revenues for the state’s budget.
  • Release non-violent drug offenders convicted of marijuana-based crimes within the first 90 days of taking office.
  • Take the approximately $100 million annually from pardoning prisoners and redirect into infrastructure and education.
  • Expunge the records of non-violent marijuana offenders.
  • Crack down on those who attempt to put marijuana into the hands of children under the age of 21.

Today, we know the majority of Michigan citizens support of the legalization of marijuana. We must make our state welcome to the cannabis industry and to what we can to create jobs and embrace this burgeoning economic sector, as long as it is appropriately and rigorously regulated.