Government Transparency

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Reform government and put the people in charge

Michigan ranks dead last in the country on measures of government ethics, integrity and transparency. Our politicians are bought by special interests and very wealthy donors, and they do not hold themselves accountable to the people they’re supposed to represent. Legislative districts are so gerrymandered that many citizens no longer have a voice in choosing their representatives. We must change the status quo.

I am not a career politician, so I have a unique view when it comes to transparency, lobbying, and reform. As governor, I will strive to put the people back in charge of their government, as it was meant to be.

“When elected, I will destroy the pay to play culture in Lansing once and for all. Your government should serve the people, not special interests.”

To make voting more accessible and government more transparent I will work for:

Redistricting reform to end partisan gerrymandering.

  • Take redistricting out of the hands of legislators.
  • Create a nonpartisan redistricting commission.

Automatic voter registration of 18-year-olds.

No-reason absentee voting to increase voter participation.

Full financial disclosure for candidates running for any state office, to shine a bright light on conflicts of interest. Information must be easily accessible by the public.

Campaign finance reform to get dark money out of politics.

  • Stiffen penalties for violations.
  • Increase reporting requirements to give greater access to the public.
  • Require the attorney general to investigate and decide whether to prosecute violations within 30 days of a complaint.

FOIA Reform to ensure government operates transparently.

  • As governor, I would eliminate executive privilege for my office and work to open the legislature to FOIA requirements.

Lobbying and procurement reform to slam the revolving door shut.

  • Prohibit lobbying for one year after government service or state elected office.
  • Prohibit lobbying for two years for DTMB and Treasury procurement officials.
  • Require financial disclosure for Treasury officials investing public funds.

Ballot reform to restore the voice of the people.

  • Prohibit Legislature from attaching appropriations to avoid the people’s right of referendum.
  • Lengthen the time for collecting signatures for ballot measures.
  • Make falsifying signatures a felony.