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Thanedar Television Ad Spending Exceeds $1.2M

Campaign Anticipates Continued Momentum After Super Bowl Ad Debut

ANN ARBOR – Scientist, Entrepreneur and Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Shri Thanedar announced today that his campaign’s total spending on television advertising has surpassed $1.2m which includes more than $150,000 that will go towards debuting a new ad during tonight’s Super Bowl halftime show.

“We ended last year with $5.2 million available cash and we’ve started this year by investing aggressively,” Thanedar Campaign Manager Brian Spangle said. “Our early television spending has directly translated into a significant surge in our organizing and field operations, and all indications show we’re well on our way to building a strong, progressive campaign that’s ready to deliver a Democratic victory to Lansing in November.”

During tonight’s Super Bowl halftime show, the campaign’s newest ad ‘Name Game’ will debut at around 8:20pm ET. The ad will continue to run throughout February across Michigan as the campaign continues to use its significant cash on hand advantage to communicate with voters.

“It’s been eight months since we started our campaign and I couldn’t be more excited at the progress we’ve built and the momentum we’re carrying into another watershed moment this weekend,” said Thanedar. “It’s critical that we continue to let voters know they don’t have to settle for coronating a candidate this early in the election. As more voters learn we’re committed to delivering a universal, single-payer healthcare system, we’re ready to eliminate for- profit charter schools and we’re prepared to restore transparency and ethics to Lansing, our momentum continues to build. I couldn’t be more excited to see this continue through August and into November.”

To learn more about Shri’s campaign, please visit www.shri2018.com. Click HERE to view the campaign’s previously aired television ads. A transcript of this ad is available for download HERE.